Friday, 9 December 2016

Broken QX95 frame repaired!

Strange the things you don't notice when you're busy flying. Turns out at some stage over the last lot of flights one of my landings must have been a bit too heavy and I managed to crack the frame back right arm on the frame of my Eachine QX95.

Frames for the QX95 are pretty cheap - about $12 NZD each, so I ordered a couple more when I realised that it was broken.

While this micro quad is pretty darn solid - and certainly has taken some serious punishment at my hands - it isn't indestructible - so if you get one (and you like it after the first few flights) I'd advise getting that spare frame in the post as a part of your next order.

I use prop-guards on my quads wherever I can, especially on the micros. I love them. There are a lot of trees and leaves (and walls) around where I fly and I am constantly surprised at the crashes I can recover from. I recommend the full-surround prop-guards for the QX95 because the partial ones seem to snag on things a little more often.

Another surprising upside of the full-surround prop-guards is that they hold everything together if one of the arms cracks. I can't guarantee that it will work every time, but in this particular instance the only reason I noticed the arm was broken was because it was on a slight angle - the rest of the tension being applied by the prop guard. I guess I should check the quad for damage more often. I initially thought the motor wasn't aligned properly.

The good news is, though, that all that was needed was a bit of medium viscosity superglue and about 15 minutes of setting it was good go and ready for the same level of punishment. I've put 7 batteries through it since then (today, FTW, you can check out one of the flights here) and it doesn't seem to have upset the glue at all.
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