Monday, 5 December 2016

Flitting through the trees (Video)

Mark and I had a bit of fun between meetings and put 14 batteries through the Eachine QX95s. This is a vid of a particularly awesome crash-free run I had.

The video flickers heaps. Unfortunately this seems to be the Eachine DVR unit I am using. My headset doesn't flicker when I am flying - I'm running a Qanum V1 from Hobbyking and it fades to static rather than blanking out. It's pretty annoying to see the flickering on the final video so I'll certainly be working on that.

(Edit: You can check out the solution for the flickering in this post)

The hillside down from my house is a stand of big beech trees, and I've been tidying up the area to make it more suitable for FPV - a few holes in the hedges here, the odd select dead branch removed to make it easier to shoot the gap. It's a great place to play around.

Dabin x Feint - When You Return (feat. Daniela Andrade)
Used without permission.
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