Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Bonsai in the Park (Video)

There's nothing quite like flying with friends, especially when those friends are holding your hand (so to speak) while you're learning to fly FPV fixed wing proximity.

Turns out it isn't as hard as I wanted to think it was, so aside from a few impromptu landings on the wrong side of the park (mostly due to the slightly weird 170 degree perspective from the Eachine TX02 that I'm using as the FPV camera) and a wickedly fatal crash into a rubbish bin (no, the camera wasn't rolling) the whole experience was the highlight of my flying this year.

Except for the last time I flew the Bonsai, which was also the highlight.

This Bonsai is using a camera mount that I designed which also holds the Mobius Mini, hence the decent video. You can check out the mount on Thingiverse. This means the Bonsai has an All Up Weight of over 300 grams. It doesn't make much of a difference for normal flying, but loops and rolls are noticeably exaggerated. Given that this is only the second flying session (and I'm still a little precious about breaking my planes), I think a bit more throw and and bit more exponential will iron out much of the sluggish controls... or cause the wing to snap, but that brings me to...

The Joy of Foam. Yes! You too can turn this:

In to this:

With only half a stick of hot glue, some duct tape, and an evening which you were only going to spend rolling up D&D characters anyway.

Many thanks to Mark for laughing hysterically when the wing did crash - I've learning to be less precious every day.
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