Monday, 19 June 2017

Chasing Mustang (Video)

Following other planes in FPV is something I thought would be easy, but when I started flying this way I was surprised just how hard it is. The trick seems to be to fly in the direction that the other plane is going, along a similar trajectory, however my initial attempts were all about flying directly at the plane, which didn't give me much room to manoeuvre when we needed to change direction suddenly.

The result of much practice (this video was cut from around 30 mins of footage) is a slight improvement in an understanding of how it works.

It's really funny being on the ground and realising your neck is twisted to one side because you've been trying to look out the side of the plane to get your bearings. I might look at a head-tracker for my next FPV rig, but not for this one as the Bonsai is teensy and mine is already overloaded with the Mobius Mini and FPV gear.

Perhaps a piston engine fighter is in my future... another Corsair perhaps?

Gear used in this flight:
Turnigy Bonsai with Mobius Mini action cam, multistar 2204 with 5/4.5 prop for about 9 mins of flying time.

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