Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Turnigy Bonsai Mobius Mini and TX02 Mount

The thing I love about having a 3D printer is really the rapid prototyping. I've deliberately avoided posting a whole bunch of stuff about printing, but it is great for smashing out a crazy idea, and has had a huge impact on what I can do in this hobby, and even the way I think about problems.

This was the case with this is the Mobius Mini mount that I designed one evening when I was determined to get both a Mobius Mini and FPV All-in-One (AiO) cam on the Turnigy Bonsai Flying Wing. I played with lots of different positions on the plane, trying to get both the Mobius and the FPV cam in the best positions as possible.

Once I set upon the idea of putting the VTX on top of the Mobius the mount just grew out of that. It took 4 iterations until the final was created.

The mount weights around 9 grams all up when printed in PLA with 5% infill. For my non-3D printing readers that means its a basic type of plastic and the mount is practically hollow.

Being light is important, so I actually printed 5 different prototypes before settling on the final design. The Mobius Mini is 27g, so with a 9g mount this addition accounts for around 10% of the overall weight of the plane (I can't remember if that is with or without the flight battery).

All the extra weight certainly makes the Bonsai heavy nose but there is enough throw in the control surfaces to trim that out. That trade-off also makes it sits a bit more firmly in the air and doesn't get thrown around as much, plus you get HD video.

You can download the STL files on Thingiverse, where there is more detail on the design and how it is mounted to the Bonsai.
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